Your group needs you! (January 2011)

The RFG has been in crisis - you may have noticed the absence of meetings and a winter newsletter in 2010. Since the appeal in Lucerna 39 (September 2010), we have recruited several new committee members - thank you! But if there is anyone out there who is prepared to host or help to arrange a meeting we would be delighted to hear from you. Even more crucially, without your contributions, our hard-working editors are unable to produce regular issues of Lucerna.

So if you can help, or can write something for Lucerna, however brief, please get in touch with Nicola, or our editors, Emma and Lindsey.

The RFG has been a useful forum for everyone with an interest in Roman finds since 1988. We all want it to continue and with your help, it will.

NH: 13th Jul 2011 10:25:00


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