About Roman Finds Group

Roman Finds Group (RFG) provides a forum for all those with an interest in Roman artefacts. Founded in 1987, our membership is both professional and amateur, and new members are always welcome.

Meetings are held twice a year across the country, with speakers presenting papers on a particular theme, site, region, exhibition, or current research in advance of publication. Recent themes have included artefacts from cemeteries, the opportunities and problems provided by waterlogged finds, and the evidence for craft and industry in Roman Britain, with reviews of the regions of Hadrian's Wall, South Wales and the South-West of England. Occasionally joint meetings are held with museums or other special interest groups, such as the Finds Research Group, and the UK Institute for Conservation.

The Benefits of Roman Finds Group Membership

The objectives of the RFG are to promote the study, research, publication, teaching and conservation of the material culture of Roman Britain. Membership of the RFG will entitle individuals to:

  • Two copies of our newsletter, Lucerna, each year.
  • Access to our Roman finds Datasheets, which include: Engraved Gemstones by Dr Martin Henig, Jet, Shale and Other Allied Materials by Lindsay Allason-Jones, and Roman Seal Boxes by Colin Andrews.
  • Full access to the website, including the Members-only section which includes recent copies of Lucerna and Datasheets, as well as PDFs of finds catalogues and other out-of-print finds-related works.
  • Reduced fees to our twice-yearly meetings, held around the country each Spring (typically a two-day meeting) and Autumn.
  • Additional small bursaries to attend RFG meetings, including towards travel fees or accommodation, are also available to Members. Details on how to apply for bursaries are here.
  • Access to small grants to help with small finds research. These grants are available to individual, fully paid-up, Members and will be awarded for applications seeking to support our objectives eg publication drawings and maps or travel to museums for object research. Special consideration is given to articles offered to Lucerna. £1,000 is available each year (reviewable). Details on how to apply for grants are here.
  • Group payment for individual RFG members to Instrumentum, the European bi-annual magazine. Join through RFG to receive four years’ of Instrumentum membership for three years' payment. In addition the RFG will absorb the conversion fee in a bulk payment on your behalf.
  • Free/reduced entrance to major finds-related exhibitions, where this can be negotiated.
  • Discounts on finds-related books, or pre-publication offers, where these can be negotiated.

If you would like to join RFG, please click here.


RFG Spring Conference 2020

Unfortunately the April Conference in Glasgow has been postponed. We now expect to hold it during October - details will appear in due course.

RFG Films

We have made a series of introductory films on Roman finds, with leading Roman finds specialists and access to collections from across the country. Our first series iof ten films covers domestic life, personal life and working life. Our second series is currently in production.

View the films here.

RFG newsletter - Lucerna

Lucerna is published in hard copy twice a year, and contains articles on finds, interesting unpublished objects, book and conference reviews, news of meetings and conferences, and a forum for help with puzzling artefacts. Contributions are welcomed by our Newsletter Editor Matt Fittock (see 'RFG Committee' page). The full archive can be found on our Lucerna page, with editions from the most recent two years available exclusively to RFG Members.

View Current and Previous Issues Of Lucerna

RFG Poster

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Roman Finds Group Poster

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Latest News

Glasgow Conference Postponed

Unfortunately the Glasgow conference due to take place on 3rd/4th April has had to be postponed. Our Autumn 2020 meeting resurrect he meeting with as close to the original programme as possible.... Read More »

Masterclass on Romano-British Brooches

We are delighted to announce that Roman Finds Group committee member Dr Jörn Schuster will be offering a one-day Masterclass on Romano-British Brooches with former RFG committee members Dr Hella Eckhardt and Dr Emma Durham from the University of Reading. This one-day event will enhance your skills in the description, identification and dating of Romano-British brooches. You will also learn about the way the PAS records brooches and the research potential of personal adornment for our understanding of Roman Britain.... Read More »