Archaeology Conferences

22nd January 2019 Sounds of Roman Egypt

A free exhibition bringing to life the soundscape of Egypt during the Roman period.

14th July 2018 Archaeology in Hertfordshire: Recent Research

The Welwyn Archaeological Society and the Bishops Stortford Museum are pleased to announce the third Archaeology in Hertfordshire: Recent Research conference to be held at the Museum on July 14th 2018.

1st June 2018 Vagnari Roman Imperial Estate: The Settlement and its Material Culture

The workshop aims to present the archaeological research at Vagnari in its wider context and to discuss the impact of Roman expansion in south-east Italy on the culture and economy of the region. Speakers include Alastair Small who, together with Carola Small, discovered the site of Vagnari and conducted the first phase of fieldwork at the site from 2000, and Maureen Carroll, the director of excavations at Vagnari since 2012. A key and important part of the workshop is the presentation by the relevant project specialists of the artefacts and assemblages recovered in the Sheffield excavations. The workshop brings together these specialists to foster discussion of the artefacts themselves and their significance, and to engage participants at the event in this discussion.

10th March 2018 Remarkable Things: The Agency of Objecthood and The Power of Materiality

Apotropaic art, symbols or objects are those which have – or are reputed to have - the power of averting evil influence or ‘bad luck’. The very idea of an apotropaic object stands at the centre of theory seeking to concretise objecthood and materiary power.

4th November 2017 Restrospect and Prospect Sat 4 November 2017 10:00 - 18:00 GMT Senate House, London

This year's Roman Society Day Conference will celebrate 50 years of the journal Britannia. The conference will explore the highlights of the last 50 years of Romano-British archaeology, with an emphasis not just on excavation and discovery but also inscriptions and artefacts.

13th June 2017 Instrumentum International Meetings: Vehicles in Antiquity and Middle Ages 13th - 16th June 2017 Arles (F, Bouches-du-Rhône)

The theme will be modes of transport in Antiquity et the Middle Ages and will focus in particular on the equipment and maintenance of land, river and sea vehicles.

1st April 2017 Hadrian’s Cavalry Exhibition April to September 2017 Various sites along Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Cavalry Exhibition is a dispersed exhibition taking in 10 of the Museums along Hadrian’s Wall that will bring national, international and private collection loans together for the first time. The exhibition aims to tell the tale of Roman cavalry regiments and their key role in securing the Empire’s frontiers, exhibiting a range of finely decorated objects.

28th March 2017 TRAC 2017

Durham University is hosting the Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference (TRAC) 2017, one of the biggest gathering of Roman archaeologists and classical scholars in the world. Interdisciplinary and international, Durham TRAC will be bringing together academics to discuss all aspects of the Roman Empire (and beyond).

4th March 2017 An Introduction to Archaeological Illustration 4th - 5th March 2017, 9.30am – 4pm each day Roman Vindolanda – Hedley Centre

The course will look at general techniques and methods of accurately recording small finds including pottery illustration, metal objects, bone, and leatherwork. There will be a selection of objects from the excavations at Vindolanda to handle and draw over the duration of the course.

28th January 2017 Fibulae

Fibulae is a small exhibition about the clothing accessories that turn up most frequently in archaeologists’ finds: brooches known as fibulae. These brooches were used to fasten items of clothing, especially cloaks. Nearly four hundred fibulae are on view in the display cases.

30th January 2016 Making practice perfect: approaches to everyday life in Roman archaeology

The ‘Making practice perfect’ workshop will be a one-day event focused on ‘practice theories’ in Roman archaeology and beyond. The day will be organised into three sessions: ‘Structuration and related traditions’, ‘Practice theory and materiality’, and ‘Comparative perspectives’, the first two focusing on Roman case-studies, and the third aiming to develop dialogues between Romanists and archaeologists of other complex societies.

20th July 2015 Hellenic Society and Roman Society

Illustrated presentations by six world experts of their researches into how effective ancient armour was in practice. Issues will include production, wearability, enemy weapons and tactics, and changes and developments.

14th May 2015 The Rural Settlement of Roman England: from regional perspectives to national synthesis

Over the last three years the Department of Archaeology at the University of Reading and Cotswold Archaeology have been collaborating on a major project examining regional and chronological variation in Roman rural settlement through analysis of farm layouts, domestic architecture, agricultural practice and burial traditions.

27th March 2015 25th Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference

Following on from the success of our session at RAC/TRAC last year, the RFG will be sponsoring a session this year at TRAC. The session is titled Interdisciplinary Approaches to Roman Artefacts (RFG session) and will be chaired by Ellen Swift, It will be on Saturday afternoon from 2 to 5.30pm (Session 2).

28th November 2014 Things That Travelled - Mediterranean Glass in the First Millennium AD

Places are still available for this conference with a fantastic line-up of glass specialists covering a multitude of historical, archaeological and scientific topics. £40 full price and £10 for students. See website for registration information and final programme.

18th November 2014 British Museum Touring Exhibition

Roman Empire: Power and People brings together over 160 stunning pieces from the British Museum to explore the story of one of the most powerful empires the world has ever seen.

13th November 2014 ALG Autumn 2014 Meeting Leeds 13-14th November 2014

The ALG Autumn 2014 meeting Leather in Warfare is being held at the Royal Armouries, Leeds and co-hosted by that august institution. We are most grateful to the Royal Armouries for their enthusiasm for the meeting and having them co-host the event has allowed us to significantly expand the programme and widen the subjects covered.

31st May 2014 Historical Metallurgy Society

For many centuries metal, especially precious metals, has been the dominant material used in the construction of jewellery and other items of personal adornment. The basic form of personal adornment varies with time, location and culture, which influence not only the style of the pieces but also affects their methods of manufacture and decoration.

10th May 2014 How Roman Was Roman Britain?

A Day Conference organised by the Roman Studies Group of Surrey Archaeological Society

4th May 2014 Hadrianic Society Conference 2014 4th - 9th April 2014

We run a dual meeting over 6 days; the first half is a ‘Reunion Weekend’ for members old and new, the Second half a conference proper titled THE ROMAN ARMY SCHOOL.

28th March 2014 28th-30th March 2014 RAC

The University of Reading is proud to host the Biennial International Roman Archaeology Conference in collaboration with the Roman Society The conference will take place on Friday 28 to Sunday 30 March 2014, returning to where it began 20 years ago in 1994.

30th November 2013 30th November 2013 Romano-British Towns Conference

One day conference at the University of Reading. Organised by the Roman Society in collaboration with the University of Reading, English Heritage and Cotswold Archaeology.

9th November 2013 9th November 2013 150 years of Roman Yorkshire

Conference marking 150 years of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society.

2nd November 2013 2nd November 2013 Health and Medicine in the Roman World British Museum

In collaboration with the Association for Roman Archaeology.

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Call For Papers

Call for Papers. The Welwyn Archaeological Society and the Bishops Stortford Museum are pleased to announce the third Archaeology in Hertfordshire: Recent Research conference to be held at the Museum on July 14th 2018.... Read More »

Masterclass on Romano-British Brooches

We are delighted to announce that Roman Finds Group committee member Dr Jörn Schuster will be offering a one-day Masterclass on Romano-British Brooches with former RFG committee members Dr Hella Eckhardt and Dr Emma Durham from the University of Reading. This one-day event will enhance your skills in the description, identification and dating of Romano-British brooches. You will also learn about the way the PAS records brooches and the research potential of personal adornment for our understanding of Roman Britain.... Read More »